General information

 To obtain a position as an Engineer with opportunities to utilize my knowledge and skills in Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Database Management and Computer Networking, and secure maximum benefit for my employer in a competitive business environment. I also spent a little time in RnD with Internet of things (IoT) devices and technology .

Professional work experience

  • Provide sufficient capacity building and handover training to wlink staff members to allow them to fully support system operations.
  • Assist in the evaluation of system hardware performance including at time of testing and piloting of the system and its components
  • Actively monitor all aspects of technical planning, implementation, coordination and interaction of sub- project components, highlighting at an early stage problems that might arise.
  • Network management and Monitoring using Nagios/NagioSQL, Cacti and MRTG
  • Maintain and update critical software and servers (including: SMTP,DNS, NFS, SSH, Apache, Squid, MySQL servers, Radius, OpenVPN
  • Research and implementation of Virtualization Server with High availability .
  • Development of network management tools mainly in Perl, PHP and C
  • Coordinate with Management and team members for Project management