About Me

I have completed my Bachelor in Computer Engineering from Kathmandu Engineering College. Almost  10 years I have worked for WorldLink Communication Pvt. Ltd. I began my career in this company as a customer support representative (CSR) and gradually upgraded my career and now I am holding my position as System Engineer. I am also Cisco certified network administrator (CCNA). I have experience and knowledge in specific technology niches such as Linux and Windows system administration, internet marketing and search engine optimization, and computer and network security.

At present am working with Javra software Netherland based company as a IT Manager,I am responsible for technical design and implementation of Network Virtualization APIs, integration with cloud technologies like Kubernetes, Docker. The technical areas of focus were IoT, networking, security and service discovery/registration.

Apart from my profession, I am very sporty person. I like playing football, basketball, and cricket. I love to be with friends. Hiking, Swimming, traveling with friends are always in my list.


  • Sometimes you will never, know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory

What I Do

I am working as IT Manager who loves to work on new technologies specially virtualization,docker,IoT  and troubleshoot server problems.This website is an extension of my identity, its about who I am. Feel free to explore my ideas and thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

Current Work

I am working with Javra Software. as IT Manager where my work is to Install, configure and Test new technologies which is in market or upcoming products. Do research related to any new product or new concept which can be developed as a product.

Key Areas of My Work:

-Docker  & Kubernetes:-Docker Containers promise to port application stacks across cloud easily

  • Deployment Speed/Agility,Portability,Reuse

- Cloud Computing: Study and research about different cloud or virtualization platforms like VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, Applogic Grid Computing and testing them.

- Disaster Recovery and Backups: Understanding customers requirement and suggest them a proper Disaster Recovery plan and product.

- Mail Server setup: Installation,configuration and troubleshooting of exchange mail ,linux qmail and postfix servers

- Active Directory: installation and configuration of ADS server

-Server Training: inhouse training for my colleges

-Website developments: Work as a freelancer for CMS base website development in joomla and wordpress.


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2014, December, 16


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Feel Free to check out my work or view my resume, and also please note that not all of my projects are online as they are private to either my employer or customers, but I describe a few of them here.

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